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About Us

The clinic trains the staff annually by participating in various seminars and international conferences. New technologies and the latest treatment methods are constantly introduced. We offer all types of dental services: general dentistry, prosthodontics, surgery, pediatric dentistry, dental implantology and orthodontics. Dental implantation has been successfully performed since 2007. Implantologist Marika Kublashvili MD-Ph.D, Professor, makes use of all modern methods of treatment. Dental implantation using surgical navigation patterns is one of the novelties. In the clinic, children will be met with a warm and comfortable environment. Teeth whitening is performed using the latest method using a zoom device, Replacement of loose teeth with fiberglass tape, restoration with the latest Helio composites, veneering using both the composite and prosthodontic e-max materials. Restoration of missing teeth with a non-prosthodontic (alternative) method using an adhesive “Maryland bridge”. Periodontal diagnosis using a Florida Probe. At the clinic, dental tools undergo chemical disinfection, are then packaged in disposable packages and sterilized in a fifth-generation autoclave. High-quality sterilization is a guarantee of safety.

Clinic history

Dental implantation in the clinic has its history. Mr. Tamaz Dolidze, the father of the founder of the clinic, introduced dental implantation to Georgia. The first dental implant surgery was successfully performed in 1986 at the Implantology and Prosthodontics Clinic at the base of A. Pipia Railway Hospital. This is one of the reasons why Medi-Dent + practices professionalism by tradition. This path is traditionally continued by his daughter, MD-PhD, prosthodontist Tamar Dolidze. .

Tamar Dolidze

Tamar Dolidze - MD Ph.D prosthodontist
1998 Graduated from Tbilisi Petre Shotadze Medical Academy, Faculty of Dentistry;
1998-2000 Completed a full course of clinical residency in Prosthodontic dentistry in Moscow;
In 2000, St. She defended her Candidate's dissertation in Moscow (direction in prosthetic implants);
2001 -2005 Associate Professor Petre Shotadze Medical Academy, Tbilisi;
Associate Professor since 2002 Gr. Robakidze University Alma-Matter;
From 2005 to present Full Professor Gr. Robakidze University Alma-Matter;
Founder and CEO of Clinic Medi-Dent + in 2005.