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Prosthodontic dentistry
unremovable prostheses:
Partially removable prostheses
Prosthetics for dental implants

Prosthodontic dentistry

Prosthodontic dentistry is one of the branches of clinical dentistry that serves to restore missing teeth and regulate chewing function, as well as to correct deformities of the tooth-jaw system. A tooth is an organ in the human body that is not subject to self-repair. This is where we need a prosthodontic doctor who sets out a treatment plan to solve this problem, conducts a number of studies, and replaces the missing tooth with a new one. The specificity of prosthodontic dentistry is to work with a technical laboratory. All prosthodontic constructions are created on the basis of the joint work of a prosthodontic doctor and a dental technician. Prosthodontic dentistry not only serves as a mean to recover tooth loss, but also to perfect a person’s visual side. A beautiful smile makes a person happy and increases self-esteem. Different methods and constructions are used in prosthodontic dentistry to solve the above problems. There are non-removable, partially removable and fully removable dental prosthese.